Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old Town Kashgar

The streets of Kashgar are alive with cars, taxis, donkey carts, motor scooters, and electric bicycles. They pay no heed traffic lanes or directions, and it's not unusual to see mothers with 2 or 3 children - babies, even - zipping in and out of traffic on their scooters.

The people we've seen are as interested in us as we are in them - this is an area that gets very few tourists.
We were spontaneously invited into a home where women were sewing clothes in bright silk brocades, padded with sheep's wool for winter warmth.
This young girl was winding yarn around her feet to form into skeins
such a winsome beauty!

Children run up to us yelling "Hello! Hello!" - no doubt, the only English they know - then run away giggling.
Old men follow us down the street and point to our cameras, posing for pictures and smiling proudly when we show them their images.
I loved this green-eyed man - kinda looks a little bit like Paul Newman, doesn't he?


  1. Looks a lot like Paul N! Uncanny.

    I must say, your photography is excellent, I'm so enjoying your trip. You have been to some unusual places for tourists and that makes a trip like this so interesting. Lucky you.

  2. Thanks, Bobbi!
    It's true - Kashgar - though a little scary with all the military presence, was the highlight of our trip, mostly because it never felt like we were doing touristy things. The people were lovely - so open and smily!