Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Ancient City of Gaochang

The ancient city of Gaochang, in Xinjiang Province of Central Asia, was built in the 1st century BC.
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It was an important site along the Silk Road as a political, economic, and cultural center, connecting China with Central Asia and Europe.

We rode in a donkey cart to the far edges of the ruins - Lazy American tourists!
our donkey cart driver and her son
Inside the walls of the city was this lone musician, creating a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to our visit.

A few of the buildings have been restored, like this prayer center.
I was captivated by the writing that covered the entire surface of the building . . . until it was pointed out to me that it was only modern graffitti!

The city was decimated and abandoned in the 14th century due to warfare between the Uighurs and Mongolian aristocrats.
"no pitting" . . . I think they mean "no pissing" on the walls.

Peace out!

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