Friday, September 2, 2011

Where to Begin?

Beyond Beadery is smack dab in the middle of a 2-month closure - yowsa! That's a long time!

Mid-August found us at BeadFest in King of Prussia, PA. Thanks to the new show location, we had an awesomely HUGE booth this year - what a treat! It was wonderful to finally have enough room to display everything, and even nicer for the shoppers to have plenty of room to move around.

 We also had an all-new staff of Beyond Beadettes, although you'd never know they were all first-timers - what a bunch of pros! Ashley, Gretchen, Vicki, & Jake - thanks - you make US look good!
The Queens (and King) of Prussia - Ashley, Vicki, Mark, me, & Gretchen

Jake, Prince of Prussia

"Pull my finger" - Mark, Vicki, & Ashley
Thanks, everyone, for a real good time!


  1. Where to begin? Why, begin at the beginning, LOL.

    Excellent start!
    Kathy B

  2. I LIKE it! Really enjoyed the photos and love that roomy booth. Happy blogging, I look forward to the next installment.

  3. Nice to see you here !!
    Keep it up.
    And the pictures are great!

  4. I thought that trick only worked with the pinky?

    Sorry I missed you all, August just wasn't the same without BeadFest. But I do have a little more $ in the wallet than usual - hope the big booth was profitable despite my absence!

  5. Thanks, Bobbi - we did have a good show. But I'm sure it would have been better with you there! ;-)
    Caught a shoplifter who's been hitting us for years, so despite the PITA it will be to have to fly back there to testify, it will be well worth it to know she won't be hitting us (or any other vendors!) again!
    Will you be at BeadFest in Arlington, TX next month?