Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crystal Clay Sparkle Fun!

I spent all day yesterday playing with Crystal Clay. It's my new favorite obsession!
 Talk about your Instant Gratification - you mix the 2 parts together, poke a bunch of crystals (or what-have-you) into it, and let it dry.
That's it!
No baking, no curing. Beautiful, sparkly, professional-looking jewelry in no time!


But wait, it gets better!
Sparkle Dust!
After mixing and poking, sprinkle a little fairy dust over the whole shebang. Once dry, take a damp paper towel or a Q-Tip dipped in water, and wash the dust off the crystals - the Crystal Clay will remain lustrous and shimmering.
This is Copper Crystal Clay with a dusting of Super Copper Sparkle Dust
This is White Crystal Clay with a dusting of  Micropearl Sparkle Dust
Kinda looks like an Easter egg, doesn't it?
This one's my favorite - Olivine Glacier, with a bunch of vintage stones - Cardinal  & Jet Scarabee  Navettes, Peridot Squares - mmmmmm. 
White Crystal Clay with Interference Gold

 More deliciousness!

This is Latte Crystal Clay with Bronze Sparkle Dust
Check out that psychedelic Iris crystal!
Vintage Swarovski "Partieware".  Groovy!
"Ahh", I hear you say to yourself, "Self, I MUST have this magical Crystal Clay for my very own!"
Well, my pretties, I am truly an evil temptress, because alas - we are CLOSED for the entire month of September. 
Sorry my timing is so poor, but I just had to share the fruits of my days' labor. 
You can place your order, and I will send it out as soon as we are back open. And by then, we should have an assortment of Sparkle Dusts as well.

Next up . . . the reason for our exceedingly long closure . . . 


  1. Ah Betcey,, Queen of Temptation :) I have been playing with Crystal Clay too only I have been using eyeballs. I also used it to level out some sloped cabs.