Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Packing Skills Leave Much To Be Desired

I am a terrible packer.
You'd think that, for someone on the road as often as I,  I'd have it down to an exact science.
Not so!
You see, we always travel by truck - a 15-foot box truck. I'm used to being able to pack anything and everything I might ever possibly conceive of needing. Snacks, beads, books, magazines, 4 different kinds of hand lotion, 9 pair of shoes - how the hell will I know what shoes I feel like wearing next week?! Bring 'em all!

Not like Mark - he's a packing genius. Loading our truck to get to and from a show is like Truck Tetris - every single thing fits *exactly* in it's place - by the time he's done, you could scarcely slip a piece of paper into the truck - it's that tight.
is the truck half-full or half-empty?
Tomorrow, however, I am traveling by plane.

I carefully laid out everything I thought I'd need. Clothes that don't wrinkle. Dark colors and prints, so as to not show dirt and coffee spills. 1 pair of walking shoes, 1 pair of sandals. 
Laptop, Kindle, Camera, Beads. Just a few - 2 tubes of 11/0s, Fireline, Tulip needles, some mini scissors, and a small bead mat.
Plenty of extra space in my suitcase for purchases & souvenirs. 

I can do this!

Then it took me 4 hours to pack my jewelry and toiletries. 

4 hours.

To pack a quart-sized baggie with toothpaste and mascara and conditioner and Olay Night Resurfacing Elixir. 
4 hours to pack some casual jewelry.

I picked and chose. I changed my mind. Will I wear these earrings? Is this necklace too fancy for rural China? Yes, I DO need all the new Crystal Clay jewelry I made the other day! Do I need 5 cuff bracelets?
I put it in a smallish case. Took it out and put it in another jewelry pouch. Took it out again and put it in yet another jewelry case. 
Again. And again. And yet again.

GAH! I suck at this!

So last night I finished packing. 
Then I took it all out and did it again.

This morning, I unpacked it all and repacked it in a difference suitcase.

Tonight, I'm heading down to Denver to take a hotel close to the airport - our flight leaves at 6 am tomorrow morning.

China, here I come!

Peace out!


  1. You managed to pack only two pairs of shoes?!? I took 3 to NY and was annoyed that I couldn't take more. And yes, let's not talk about deciding which jewelry I needed, and the fact that I packed one black and silver necklace because it went with almost everything... then it broke less than halfway through the trip, so I was left with the 3 green necklaces that I had packed.

    Anyway, you are going to have such an awesome time in China!!! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. OK, I lied - sneakers, walking shoes, and sandals. 3 pair.
    Thank you AJ!
    I hope to be posting lots of pictures and observations while we're in China, so keep checking in!

  3. Betcey -- you are too, too funny! However, it has to be difficult to know what to take for an overseas trip. How long with you be there? Have a wonderful trip. Hello to Mark.

  4. I have never learned to travel light, so the idea of limiting myself to three pairs of shoes is a bit scary. I am duly impressed.

  5. We'll see how I do . . . I'll probably buy a few pair once there! I *do* have a half-empty suitcase, after all . . .

  6. China! Where to? I lived in Kunming for a school year. If your feet are over a size 6, good luck finding shoes. Remember too, all the brands in the street markets - and many stores - are knock offs so if you buy, don't overpay - they will fall apart soon.

    Can't wait to hear where you went/go. Love China.

    PS All the "antique beads" are fakes. All of them. Don't fall for them. Go to Tibet for real Tibetan beads, no real ones in China.